Think Right

Think Right

Our Annual Summit weekend is one of my favorite FP4H events of the year.  Summit this year will be July 21-22 in beautiful Atlanta, Ga.  I can’t wait to meet new friends and see many of my longtime friends to catch up on life.  All of us need refreshing and refueling and this is the perfect place to get it.  There are great speakers, testimonies and seminars that always help us leave rejuvenated and ready to continue our quest to live a balanced life. I have personally heard our keynote speaker, Gwen Smith, and you are going to love her.

This year’s theme, Best Life Ever, is one that has the potential to motivate us to new heights and to live every day to the fullest.  I am more than a little excited about my seminar this year.  I will be sharing the Seven Everyday Power Strategies I have learned from my 35+ years of being in FP4H.  These seven strategies, when practiced will revolutionize your life and your commitment to change forever.

One of the seven strategies is learning to control our thoughts.  If we can learn the strategy of controlling our thoughts, we can control our life.  All of us struggle with thoughts that are sinful, negative, rebellious or obsessive but there is a simple strategy that works every time to bring our thoughts back in balance. Every single action begins with a thought; we can learn to control our thoughts instead of our thoughts controlling us.

For example, a driver cuts us off on the freeway.  If our thought is “how rude,” then the emotion of anger follows close behind.  If instead we think, “I bet he is on the way to the hospital,” our emotion is one of concern for his wellbeing.

Feelings always line up behind our thoughts not the other way around, and wrong actions are the consequences of wrong feelings.  Start thinking right and you will start acting right.

Praying you go to our website and register right now and I’ll see you there!

Carole Lewis is the National Director Emeritus of First Place 4 Health.  Carole is a popular speaker and author of 15 books, including Live Life, Right Here Right Now and Give God A Year and Change Your Life Forever.