This past summer

This past summer I knew that God had led me to start a First Place 4 Health group at our church. I was 131 lbs over weight and I knew it worked because I had lost on it before and I knew it was a spiritual issue. We started September 13, 2010 with about 24 members. We are now almost through with this session which will end December 6th. Our group has dwindled down to about 15 but as of 2 weeks ago we have lost over 223 lbs and I have lost 20 lbs. To God Be The Glory. We will be ordering the holiday devotional book to tie us over to January 24th. Then we will be starting our 2nd session. God has opened my eyes to the stronghold that food had on me and has given me the power to do it. He is using this as a walking testimony of his power in my life and in the lives of others in our group. (Even my boys ages 9 and 13 know it is God and not me!)

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