Top Five Reasons to Attend Wellness Week

Top Five Reasons to Attend Wellness Week
  1. It is an experience that reaches us right where we are when we step foot in the retreat center—if we are ready to learn,  if we need to feel closer to God, if we are looking for a way to implement healthy eating habits or if we are looking for ways to exercise at our own personal level. If we arrive feeling hopeless, there are lifelines waiting for us when we get there! There is always someone available to talk through areas in which we may be stuck..

  1. Wellness Week is an opportunity to hear from others about how their health journey has changed their life; that inspires me.  Wellness Week teaches us it is ok to “not get it right” all the time.

  1. I love arriving and meeting the first timers. I am so excited for them, because I know they will not be the same when they leave, as I wasn’t. I have met the most godly people and some lifelong friends!

  1. These first three above were the basic answers (all true) so I will tell you why I love Wellness Week. Until my first time there five years ago, I had never in my life been a part of a group where there are zero judgements made.  I mean ZERO. I have a confidence in myself there that I have no other place. No one cares what I look like; there is no shame.  The love and acceptance is instant.  We are all there for the same reason, regardless of what we left at home, what we weigh, or where we are in our health journey.

  1. My most favorite reason for going to Wellness Week: I feel I am learning to be the person that God wants me to be when I am there.  I am doing the right things in all areas of my wellness journey—I am eating healthy, I am making time for exercise and rest and I am making time to listen and learn for spiritual growth.

This is probably more than five reasons!  I hope to see you there!

Sherrie Carroll, Whitehouse, OH

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