Twila Tillman

Twila Tillman

“I give God all the glory because without His help, I could never have done it.”

Before First Place 4 Health, I had health problems. My mother had adult-onset diabetes, and I did not want to go through what she did. I was over the 40 mark and knew I had to do something. FP4H had formed in my church, and I didn’t join in the beginning. I thought I could lose the weight on my own; however, I had lost weight twice before and it all came back.  I began to see the change in the women’s lives that were in FP4H and decided this was something I wanted to try. After being in the class for almost half a session, I wanted to help—I have been a co-leader since then.  I do the nutrition part.

My walk with God is so much closer. I’m now at goal weight. My lifestyle has changed and I know this will be the last time I have to lose the weight. I never have felt deprived and have learned so much to make me and my family healthy. I exercise regularly now, but before FP4H I thought exercise was torture. I love the new me. I give God all the glory because without His help, I could never have done it.

FP4H is a great program. I love helping others meet their goals. One of the health benefits I received was getting off all my medications. I have a strong heart and I feel great. Spiritually, I’ve got a great relationship with God and I can handle life problems better. Emotionally, I like me.

My groups have bonded so well. We call on each other when we are in need. It’s nice to get those encouragements.

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