Walk Across Texas

Walk Across Texas

The First Place program at Prosper, Texas sponsored six groups in the Walk Across Texas event created by Texas Cooperative Extension. Groups of eight or less with one member being the captain were formed. Each member reported mileage on a weekly basis to the captain. The captain logged it to the website. You could walk whenever and wherever you wanted. Team members did not have to walk together. Some preferred walking outside, while others walked on a treadmill. Some even chose to bike, swim or dance across TX by using mileage equivalents. The primary goal was for each team to walk from border to border 830 miles across the state. In doing this, the secondary goal of establishing healthy habits would be achieved.

The six teams walked a total of 4,742.78 miles. Some of the comments from the group about their new healthy habits included: Gave me more energy; motivated me to join a gym; got out of the house and socialized with adults; increased my daily walk from 3.5 to 4 miles a day; My dog that walked with me has more energy and enjoyment in life; good way to do exercise and have fun doing it; added 15 more minutes on my bike each day.

1st photo: Steve and Cindy Anderson check out the progress of their team.

2nd photo: Joe Babis, Ed Reames, and Rich Chumbley 830 Miles!

3rd photo: Celebrating! Front – Steve Anderson, Joe Babis Back – Rich Chumbley, Kenann McGill, Nancy Warrick, Beverly Babis, Cindy Anderson, Kay Chumbley