What’s New?

While staying with the tried and true, we continue looking for ways to increase the accessibility and reach of our ministry. Starting with our new bible studies for January 2020, we will move from a 12-week session (10 weeks of bible study) to a 9-week course with eight weeks of Bible study discussions.

In the 9-week session, the first week will include the usual weighing and measuring, getting to know each other, reviewing the foundations of Matthew 6:33, Mark 12:30, and our Live It Plan. The following eight weeks will include accountability time, a Wellness Spotlight, Bible study discussion, and prayer partner time. Week 9, the final week will include the Bible study discussion and time for members to share all God has done during the session.

In response to leaders’ feedback, instead of having My Place for Discovery assigned weekly, the schedule will rotate between My Place for Nutrition, My Place for Fitness, and My Place for Discovery. The wellness homework will continue to serve as the focus of the following week’s Wellness Spotlight. Leaders are welcome to assign seasoned members with additional homework.

Our hope is that churches with established small group structure will include a First Place For Health group. Also, established groups can offer variety in their sessions throughout the year.

As groups plan what to do next, they have several options. If you are looking for something to do with your group before your 2020 session begins, check out the Leader Resources also available.

A Joy-Full Season (6 weeks)
Truly Fed (6 weeks)
Give God a Year (7 weeks)
Live Life Right Here Right Now (7 weeks)
Spirit Hunger (7 weeks)
My Place for Discovery Book 1 (12 Weeks)
Restored: Embracing Weight Loss God’s Way (12 weeks)
Ten Bible Studies (12 weeks)

For 2020, we have several options planned for release.

Beyond Free by Gari Meacham – 12 weeks – our newest Bible study
An updated Seek God First – 9 weeks
An updated Motivated to Wellness – 9 weeks
My Place for Discovery Book Two

Join us in praying for the impact First Place For Health will make in 2020 as we serve out our mission enabling individuals to achieve balance in heart, soul, mind, and body based on giving Christ first place.