What’s New

The Most Complete Christ-Centered Healthy Living Program

It’s Easier!

  • Perfect for anyone, regardless of current level of weight, fitness or spirituality
  • Simplifies the nine commitments to four core areas of healthy living
  • Realistic goals, such as eating breakfast every day

It’s Improved!

  • All new Bible Studies with a new way to track daily and weekly progress in the Bible studies
  • Grace-filled plan with room for personalization, moderation and gradual improvement
  • Updated flexibility and strength training added to exercise
  • Uses the latest nutrition research findings, new Dietary Guidelines and MyPyramid Food Guidance System
  • Easier to follow plan (reorganized materials easier to use, no more nine commitments)
  • Easier to teach with practical tools (training DVDs, etc.)
  • Simple Ideas for Healthy Living – your one source for wellness spotlight information