When God is Pleased

When God is Pleased

And this is his command: to believe in the name of his Son, Jesus Christ, and to love one another as he commanded us. 1 JOHN 3:23

The verse just before this one tells us that we will receive whatever we ask from God if we obey His commands and do what pleases Him (see 1 John 3:22). And then the Bible tells us what pleases God. It pleases Him for you and me to love one another as He commanded us.

It is easy for me to love lovable people. There are many people like this in my life. The problem is to love unlovable people. I believe that God places unlovable people in our lives to teach us more about His character— God is love. I learned many years ago that it is impossible for me to love unlovable people in my strength. The secret is to ask God to love that person through me. As a First Place 4 Health leader, I have met a few women who have come to our class as less than lovable. I can see it in the first meeting; they have put up high walls around their hearts, and they are full of anger and despair. I call this kind of person EGR (Extra Grace Required). I look at a woman like this and know that God has trusted me with her precious body (at this point, she is only interested in the physical aspect of her life) and that He wants to work a miracle in her. How does He work a miracle? He uses love—unconditional love—that keeps on giving even when love is not returned.

Little by little, the walls start coming down, and I find that there is a very special child of God inside that hard outer shell. Love is the medicine we all need. Sometimes when we reach out and hug someone, it is the only human touch she or he has received for a long time. A kind word, gesture or touch is a gift that keeps on giving.

Action Item: Today, ask God to transform any unlovable people in your life by loving them through you. Look for ways to show them God’s love, and watch Him work a miracle in their lives.

Carole Lewis
First Place 4 Health National Director Emeritus
Houston, Texas

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  1. Thank you, Carole, for that message about what pleases God–to love one another. And as you said, it is easy to love people who are lovable, but it takes God’s strength to help us to love the ones who frown at you or who barely speak to you, that is, if they speak to you at all. I needed that reminder today to love since Christ certainly shows His love to me when I, too, have my moments of being unlovable.