Where are You on the Journey?

Where are You on the Journey?

I challenge everyone to praise progress no matter where you are on the journey.  At the beginning!   On the way!   Halfway there!  Almost to goal!  At the goal!  When we practice praise, we overflow with God’s blessings.  Where are you on the journey?

At the Beginning!  Yay!  You have recognized the need to learn something new.  You have said “Yes.”    So many of us sit on the fence wondering if it is worth our time, worth our effort or worth the expense.   At FP4H you meet likeminded people seeking God first in their wellness journey.   Go for it!  You are worth it.  Here are praises from last year:

  • Revived and look forward to God’s plan for me.
  • I have more determination to trust God to help me live out a balanced life.
  • It was an utterly wonderful, special, revival time for me and my group.
  • Propelling me forward in life and ministry.  A huge reminder of the importance of accountability! I already feel the growth of new, God-blessed friends.
  • Praise the amazing way that the Lord speaks to me through the presenters and speakers;  He knows exactly what I need to hear!

On the way!  I started my FP4H group by myself.  It was exciting and overwhelming at the same time.  Thankfully FP4H provides everything we need to start and lead a group:  biblical teachings, inspirational stories, and practical information for overall wellness.

Halfway there!  You have made more changes than you ever thought you could.  You have more to make, yet you can look back and see how different you are from when you were “at the beginning.” Join with others, so we can congratulate you for all the changes you have made.  Yahoo!  You are well on your way.  Do not get discouraged.

Almost to goal!  The closer we get to goal the harder it is for many to reach.  You can do it.    We might even zigzag with some backwards motion.  We tend to be very critical on ourselves.  Do not let the enemy convince you of anything contrary to what and where you are sensing the Lord.  Come and find an accountability partner to help you celebrate the progress along the way and cross over the finish line to your goal.

At the Goal!  This is a scary place.  We must remember this is not our strength, but in His strength.  Keeping off the weight is the hardest part and the true battle.  Yay, for the privilege to honor God with our bodies.

God’s Word tells us He is delighting, rejoicing and singing over each of us.  (Zephaniah 3:17)

It doesn’t matter where we are or what we do.  God loves us.   His love does not change. After four years at my healthy goal, I set a new healthy weight goal.  Where are you in your wellness journey?  Comment below so we can praise your progress.

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