Your Restart Strategy

Your Restart Strategy

“First Place is the only program that has worked for me.”

Said multiple times a week by people calling our 800# looking to reconnect.

Becky K, a FP4H group member shared.

“I have known for a long time that if God is not part of my weight loss program that it won’t last.  So, I signed up for a FP4H group.  Getting back into the Word and prayer daily has been a great mind changer.  The encouragement and prayers of others has been helpful.  I praise God that He convinced me that FP4H was what I needed right now.”

Our group celebrated with Becky when she reached 50.9 pounds below her all-time high.  Woo Hoo.  She is on her way to reaching her healthy goal.

We all need a restart from time to time.  Now is the time.  Start today!

Step 1: Be an Example

Have you led a FP4H group before?

Step 2: Connect with others

You are never alone. Our FP4H members and leaders become family – life-giving, long lasting friendships develop.

(detailed in My Place Leadership, page 26-28).

Step 3: Go for it!

The negative thoughts circling our mind will try and convince us there is no hope.  Or maybe you believe what I believed, the hope applies to others, not for me.  We need to believe in the truth.

  • Ashamed? Unlock the Truth about who you are and who you are meant to be (they aren’t as far apart as you may currently think–you are wonderfully made).
  • Hopeless? Renew your Faith in what IS possible–it’s your time and your turn–dare to believe again!
  • Stuck? Discover Freedom from old patterns, hidden stumbling blocks, and self-defeating inner messages.
  • Alone? Connect with a Community of friends who understand and accept you, and who will support you in achieving your goals.

What is stopping you?  Go for it and gain freedom in healthy living with a restored heart, renewed mind, sold out soul and a transformed body.

Helen Baratta is Director of Development for First Place for Health.

In 2006, obese and unable to walk without pain, Helen surrendered to the Lord and He transformed her life. She shed and now maintains a 100-pound weight loss. Helen is author of the book Restored! Embracing Weight Loss God’s Way.  Helen helps others embrace change and say “Yes” to all that God has planned.

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  1. Amen. Never give up! Look into all the avenues available for growth. Keep pressing on toward living life to the full. Be the healthiest version of yourself Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally & Mentally. FP4H is a sound biblically based way to be your best self in each of these areas. FP4H as has been said is a mind changer. Shift in mindset is an essential key to unlocking all the beautiful things God has for us that we previously may have felt were not meant for us or that we were not worthy of having. We are! Thank you FP4H ♡♡♡